Women Eating Bananas Slowly

A superb collection of pictures for the enjoyment of people who like watching women eat bananas at a relaxed pace

i go slowly on the tip because it is the most rewarding
i can stay like this for hours at a time without blinking
so what? i get red and sweaty when i eat cornflakes too
1 cat + 1 banana + 1 lonely woman = 1 exciting evening
i'm on the double-fisted banana diet...is it working?
shoving it in helps me finish faster
a perfect pucker like this makes it easier to swallow
i like to play with these little things that hang by the banana
3-way banana-eating is every man's fantasy
cute little bananas can be held with just two fingers
me lick you long time
eating bananas in the car is fun but dangerous

Ok, enough of this - show me the porn!